Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day / Creative Gift Ideas

This is short post about possible creative gift ideas.
I don't like commercialized holidays when we are supposed to act in a specific way. I don’t think people need to show their love and appreciation only one day a year but a whole year. But I do like to give a small gift. Something special. I think small personalized gifts are the best. In that way you can remind the other person of your journey together or special moment.

Here are my three favorite:

1. PHOTO ALBUM/SCRAPBOOK or DIGITAL CEWE PHOTO BOOK - there is nothing better than recording your best memories.
I would highly recommend CEWE Photo Book – it allows you to be creative. It’s very simple. Just download their software where you make your own book with pictures, you can add text, shapes etc. (software guides you through every step) then you forward your order and they make amazing Photo Book. You can choose different sizes from small, pocket sizes to big XXL size, posters etc. It’s a nice way to remind your significant other of good times you had together. 

Valentine's Day / Creative Gift Ideas

There are so many creative artists that do all kinds of handmade personalizes mugs. You can add whatever you want. In my opinion I would choose something that your significant other likes (is passionate about) or something about your relationship. I find the best thing is putting some detail of something he/she is passionate about and then add something about both of you (internal joke or a nickname). In my opinion it’s fun and sweet and not overly pathetic as most signs are. You can find it in Etsy shop. There is everything your mind would possibly want. Same goes for keychain. I think it’s the best combination its small gift but very unique because person will use it on a daily basis always thinking about the person who gave the gift.

Find something your partner is passionate about (music, places, nature, games etc.) then put it on a beautiful wall sticker or mural and help make his/her home warm and comfy. You can find it on Amazon or Etsy shop.

And finally there are so many things you could do, just keep in mind it’s better to give small and meaningful instead giving something expensive or predesigned just of obligation. I think nowadays in a world of technology and internet small handmade things say more and mean more than anything else. Keep in mind you don’t need much money to make someone feel special. All you need is little of your time and will. 

Please leave a comment down below about your gift ideas.

xoxo Ana

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