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NATURA SIBERICA//Face Night Cream For Sensitive Skin

NATURA SIBERICA Face Night Cream For Sensitive Skin

Since I had some rough couple of months and my skin was very angry and breaking out constantly and my hair was dry and frizzy from coloring and bleach (ombre) I decided to try some natural skin items in attempt to improve my skin and hair condition.While searching I came across some products from new brand available in my country (I live in Croatia) and it’s Russian brand Natura Siberica.

I’m using their night cream, face serum from the same line, face milk for sensitive skin, body wash, hair shampoo and conditioner and anti-cellulite butter. In the next few posts I will give you my thoughts about all the products. 

Natura Siberica is the first Russian brand of organic high-quality cosmetics. Siberian herbs and plants synthesize protective active substances and possess strong anti-oxidant properties. Nowadays the company Natura Siberica uses these amazing properties of Siberian herbs and plants to transmit all their power to save the youth and beauty of the skin and hair. All the herbs, which are used in their cosmetics, are handpicked. The creators of Natura Siberica cosmetics conduct research expeditions in search of the best ingredients for skin care

I just want to state that this isn’t a paid review. Every product is bought with my own money because I generally like their products and they make my skin look and feel good.Now, let’s begin. The first product I want to talk about is night cream.I have very sensitive skin prone to allergies so I have to be very careful with picking up new products. I’m always in the search for facial creams that will help fight my dryness without blocking my pores or causing pimples.I have been using Natura Siberica Rhodiela Rosea Night Cream for 3 months and I have to say I love it, it very moisturizing but not greasy. It sinks very well but still leaves your skin silky and smooth. It’s light weight formula but still very hydrating. I have to state that if you like thick creams then this is not product I would recommend to you.

Company says: "Adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea is packed with such regenerating ingredients as Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin which, according to many tests, can be found only in Rhodiola Rosea of Russian origin. While slowing aging, Rodiola Rosea also protects skin from environmental impacts, and makes it supple and soft. It has 0% silicones, 0% BHT-BHA, 0% mineral oil, 0% PEG, 0% parabens and 0% EDTA.Natural Bisabolol enhances dry and sensitive skin by reducing sloughing and restoring suppleness, while Vitalayer® boosts the production of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and diminish wrinkles.SYN®-AKE complex stimulates collagen production and has excellent smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties. Wild harvested Siberian ashberry extract soothes and heals the skin while organic Melissa carefully calms it."

NATURA SIBERICA Face Night Cream For Sensitive Skin
Well since I’m 24 years old I can’t confirm it's ability to smoothe wrinkles but I am more than happy with this cream because it really helps maintain my skin hydrated without dry patches, blocked pores or pimple scars. The bonus is that this great quality line of products is very affordable.This night cream comes in plastic bottle of 50 ml with a pump. The bottle mechanism allows you to fully use the entire product. In Croatia it costs 64 kn you can buy it bio&bio. For international buyers you can find the full list product Natura Siberica  or buy it Amazon.

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  1. I am just about to try this cream.Thanks for the review.

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