Monday, February 09, 2015

Genuine African Black Soap

Genuine African Black Soap
I had some rough couple of months. My skin was really angry with a lot of blemishes, acne and allergies. I was going crazy and so desperate to bring my skin back to normal.
Since I have very sensitive dehydrated skin prone to allergies there are periods like summer/autumn when I struggle to maintain my skin under control since I suffer from sweat allergy. I tried everything for targeting blemishes and acne but then I was left with overly dry skin.

In my opinion I have the worst combination of skin. It's very dry so I have to maintain it hydrated but on the other side I have to be careful because every product which is advised for dehydrated skin causes breakout on my skin.

African Black Soap is used for centuries in West Africa. This 100% natural versatile soap contains only Shea Butter, Palm kernail oil, Coconut oil and roasted cocoa pads. My sister recommended me this product. I was very skeptical at first because I never use soaps or  gel wash  because it dries my skin. But at that time I was desperate to make my skin feel and look better so I give it a go. At first few washes I wasn’t so impressed and it did leave my skin dry but not overly dry.  After use I have to immediately put my cream.
Genuine African Black Soap

But now after 4 months my skin is getting used to it. It cleans my skin very well. I use this soap only at night or after cleaning my make up with coconut oil and warm wash cloth.

I wouldn’t recommend using a whole cube of soap because it’s very creamy/buttery texture and can become very gross and unhygienic. So you if are asking yourself how am I supposed to use it then?! 
The best way is that you use small amount just for on wash like shown on picture below.
Genuine African Black Soap

To summarize I would say this is a product which you have to try in order to know will it work for your skin type.

+pros: good and deep clean, can be used with Clarisonic, good to sensitive skin, it lasts a long time, isn’t expensive, natural ingredients, after your skin gets used to it doesn’t dry your skin, removing impurities and excess oil, reduce acne and blemishes, treat eczema

-cons: can be drying at (first few months), can look gross if you don’t’ use it as recommended

You can find it on Amazon UK fo £2.99 for 90g.

Please leave a comment down below and share your opinion. If you know any good product please share it so I could try .


  1. How unusual! I'd love to try something like this!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment. It's really good product and its 100% natural. If you decide to try it in the future please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Love, Ana


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