Monday, February 16, 2015

Bourjois baked blushes

1 Bourjois Baked Blushes
Hello my readers. I hope you all had a great weekend. This Monday we are going to talk about Bourjois baked blushes.
I'm always careful about what I put on my face. I'm often too scared to try new things because I breakout pretty badly. So finding new products can be very challenging. One of my favorite drugstore brands is definitely Bourjois. These long lasting, good pigmented baked blushes are wonderful and there is good range of different colors. I often find that drugstore brands have blushes with some kind of white undertone. I don’t know how to exactly explain it but they look too powdery and unnatural.

2 Bourjois Baked Blushes

Bourjois blushes look very flattering on the skin; they accentuate your complexion as if you are smiling within. At the moment I’m using 4 colors: 48 Cendre de Rose Brune (Ashes of Roses), 16 Rose Coup de Foudre ( Love-struck Rose), 54 Rose Frisson (Frosted Rose), 03 Brun Cuivre. All these blushes have 2.5g (0.08 oz.). They are all made in France and they don’t have any parabens.

3 Bourjois Baked Blushes

1. 48 Cendre de Rose Brune

 4. 48 Cendre de Rose Brune

This is rosy/purple cold toned blush. It’s more of a winter shade in my opinion and goes on pretty pigmented so you have to be very careful when applying. It’s easy to overdone it. It doesn’t have any shimmer. In my opinion this blush looks lovely compared with stronger lip color such as purples, plums, cold tone rosy colors and mauve.  It costs €11.41 you can buy it on Asos.

2. 16 Rose Coup de Foudre

5. 16 Rose Coup de Foudre

This blush is more between pink and coral shade. On my fair skin this blush goes rosier but on my sister more olive skin goes more coral.  I would compare it to Max Factor cream blush in shade soft pink. Overall I love this shade for every day.  It gives you nice fresh flush of color. Also this blush goes very well with orange, red and pink lipstick. It has small hint of shimmer in a pot but the shimmer isn’t visible on the skin. It costs €11.43 you can buy it on Asos.

3. 54 Rose Frisson

6. 54 Rose Frisson

This was my first Bourjois purchase few years back. I saw Lisa Elbridge using it and decided to give it a go. It’s very nice pink shade. It can be matched with different lip colors. I would describe this color as pick me up color. When your face is feeling dull I love using this blush shade with dewy foundation.  You will look younger and fresher. It costs £7.99 you can buy it at Feelunique.

4.  03 Brun Cuivre

7. 03 Brun Cuivre

Brun Cuvre is a browny and slightly orangy shade with a hint of shimmer. It’s ideal for summer or more taint skin. I use it mainly with my bronzer. It looks very nice and natural on the skin. The shimmer isn’t visible on my skin. You can find it at the local drugstore.

These blushes smell divine, it’s not overpowering smell but if you aren’t a fan of smelly blushes you need to test it before buying.  Also I would like to point out that some people aren’t fan of baked blushes because of their texture which can be hard if you are using soft brushes. If you find that the blush texture is too hard try to scrap a little on the surface with the back of your brush and then swirl your blush brush back in the pot.

I’m planning on expanding my Bourjois blush collection so please tell me in the comments down below some of your favorite shades.

Love, Ana.


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